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Thermotherapy is the heating or cooling of the body, or part of it, to treat disease or disorder. It combines the advantages of three therapies, heat therapy, thermal medicine and traditional hydrotherapy.

Thermotherapy is used in conjunction with the patient’s regular medical treatment. It is supervised by therapists skilled in safely applying heat and cold to the skin, and who have a thorough understanding of skin physiology and blood flow.

Thermotherapy is relatively safe, the risks and contraindications are well known, and are usually minor and easily avoided by adjusting the treatment. It can be used on a wide range of major and minor diseases and problems.

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what is thermotherapy

Effectiveness can usually be measured within days and is often obvious immediately after treatment. Thermotherapy is usually performed in conjunction with lifestyle changes, such as improving the diet and doing physical exercise.

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The Thermotherapist

Bruce Thompson is a qualified Physiotherapist who has been using and teaching hydrotherapy for over 30 years. Research on the benefits of sauna and heat to treat diseases has spurred him on towards Thermotherapy Now.

Thermotherapy Is, and Is Not…

Thermotherapy is not an alternative to standard medical care. It is to be used in ADDITION to medical care. It uses heat to enhance the body’s ability to deal with your condition.

If you are thinking of having this type of treatment, we encourage you to contact your doctor. Either forward the Letter to my Doctor or print it off and take it when you visit.

We ask you to do this because:

  • Your doctor knows your health status, which means they can warn you (and us) if you have any conditions that would make thermotherapy dangerous.
  • Over the period you are having regular treatment, your medications may need adjusting. Only your doctor is qualified to do this.
  • We want to be able to keep your doctor informed of your progress and we need their permission to do this.
  • The letter has links to this website and the section: Resources for Health Professionals. This will answer any of the questions they may have. It will show them how to contact us if they have further questions.

We are here to help you improve your health. Your doctor is a powerful ally in this effort.

This is a treatment that makes physiological sense and has anecdotal and historical evidence. Some recent trials to have been done to support this therapy for your condition, but they are small and only indicate that thermotherapy may be useful. We will keep clear records of your progress to add to our knowledge.

N.B. Heat is a powerful treatment and must be used with care and an acceptance that all treatments, even natural ones like this, have risks.

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